We’re here to share our experiences with you. Whether we’re tasting cactus-flavored ice cream or swimming with leopard sharks, our stories will be full of tips and advice to help make the planning process easier for travelers like you preparing for your next big journey.

We strive to provide helpful and honest reviews and recommendations in order for our readers to have positive travel experiences.

Follow our adventures as we dive outside our comfort zone, discover new cultures,  and crawl, climb, ride, sing, and dance our way across the world.


We are a traveling duo, currently residing in sunny San Diego. On our weekends, we love taking advantage of the perfect weather and exploring the outdoors. You can find us running along Sunset Cliffs, snorkeling in La Jolla Cove, or hiking Mount Woodson.

We’re in love. It’s cool. In 2012 we got engaged in Ireland and in 2014 we tied the knot in Maryland. If you’re the sentimental type, take a look at our totally rad wedding video.


I’m Shannon, a freelance writer from Annapolis, MD. I’m the creative dreamer behind Aloha Olonas with an ever-growing destination list.

I grew up bilingual, speaking French at school and English at home. Now, wherever I go, I love meeting new people and attempting to learn their language. So far, I’ve added Irish to my repertoire. Tóg go bog é. Next on my list? Spanish!

I’ve contributed to the following blogs: NewBlueFX, Vows & ValorBayside Bride, and Girls on the Run San Diego.


I’m Gerred, a Navy pilot and southwest native. My job often requires OCD-level planning, which comes in handy while traveling.

I won’t walk out the door without first checking the weather, reviewing satellite imagery, outlining a map of the subway system, determining the relation of the moon and the tides, touching all of my belongings, and finally applying chapstick.

You might say I’m thorough. My wife says, “Hurry up!”


When we say “aloha,” we mean to share peace and compassion with each passing hello or goodbye.

We pair our “aloha” with a pineapple to welcome our readers. Welcome home from your latest trip. Welcome to a community of travelers. Welcome to our blog. Aloha and welcome.

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